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SIF i-Factors and k-Factors (Stress Intensification and Flexibility Factors) According to ASME B31J -2017 and 11-9-2017 errata

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The file calculates i-Factors and k-Factors for metallic piping components. Microsoft Excel 2010 or later is required. Also, the user would need a copy of ASME B31J -2017 (+ errata 10-9-2017), available from ASME Codes - Standards.

ASME B31J is used in conjunction with piping stress analysis.

Samples of Calculations:
   Elbow conforming to ASME B16.9
   Component selection form
   Size and thickness selection dropdown
   Mitered Elbow (PDF)
   Fabricated Tee (PDF)

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Pipe stress analysis programs may not calculate the factors for certain special piping elements. This file may be used for special input to pipe stress programs or when doing finite element alalyses of piping. It may also be useful for cross-checking.

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